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  • What does a Diagnostic check include?
  • For Transmissions we will read your vehicles computer with our state of the art diagnostic scanner. This will allow us to see any trouble codes (alerts your computer gives for issues) On many vehicles we are also able to make sure that your transmission is being given all the commands it needs to function.  The condition of your transmissions fluid is then checked for the proper level and signs of internal wear. We will road test your vehicle (if able) to observe the issue and the conditions under which it occurs.  Your vehicle is then raised on a lift for a underbody inspection, looking for signs of leaks, broken linkage or cables, if necessary pressure testing and a pan inspection will be done.  

    For general repair a thorough inspection is done on all systems related to the complaint. If necessary and able the vehicle will be road tested and inspected on a lift.

  • What is involved in rebuilding an automatic transmission?
  • The transmission is removed from the vehicle, disassembled and all parts are toughly inspected for wear or damage. The case is then cleaned and all mated surfaces are machined. The transmission is then reassembled, replacing any worn or damaged parts, new bearings, seals and wearable items, if any updates are needed to fix known issues they will be done at this point. Once the transmission is rebuilt it is reinstalled in the vehicle. If the computer needs to be re-flashed, or re-learn it is done at this point. It is then road tested, put on a lift to check for leaks then taken on a more extensive road test where the vehicle is brought up to highway speeds to ensure proper function. It is then thoroughly inspected on a lift again for leaks; and to make sure all the linkage, cables and mounts are correct.

  • What do I do if my check engine (SES) light is on?
  • The check engine light, also known as a service engine soon light can be your first alert to a developing problem.  It can also be something as simple as a loose gas cap. If your check engine light comes on take your vehicle to a competent technician as soon as possible. They will scan it to get an idea of what the issue could be and if it’s something simple or more serious that needs immediate attention.  



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